3Shape Trios Digital Impressions

At Homestead Dental. Inc we are proud to announce the addition of a revolutionary new tool in the quest for better smiles – the 3Shape Trios Digital Impression System.

The 3Shape Trios replaces the unpleasant taste, salivation, and gagging associated with traditional impression taking methods. By using a hand-held wand to optically scan the area to be restored, your entire impression is created 100% digitally. The impression is then electronically transmitted to a remote CAD/CAM facility where the laboratory models are precisely milled. Next, the models are returned to our local dental laboratory where your custom restoration is fabricated.

The patented 3-D digital technology enables Dr. Chakalov and the laboratory to create restorations with unmatched precision and accuracy. All of which translates to a superior restoration that looks and feels like natural teeth.

To see how this system works please click here!